Doi Chiang Dao, Thailand Information provided courtesy of Mon and Kurt's Restaurant, Chiang Dao, Chiang Mai Province, Thailand

Chiang Dao, Northern Thailand - Doi Chiang Dao

Chiang Dao's beautiful Doi Luang mountain

Updated November 2007

Doi Chiang Dao

(Pictures Courtesy of Frank)

You can hike up this breathtaking mountain in two days.  It sports some stunning views, unique species of birds and flowers and many other great things to see and experience.  (Go to the bottom of the page to find out about Doi Chiang Dao Trekking and hiking information)

With so much beautiful scenery here, I find it really hard to sit in front of the computer.


You do not need to pay for a trekking company to take you up Doi Chiang Dao at a high cost.  The following information will describe to you how you can do it more or less on your own:

First, after arriving in Chiang Dao, you need to visit the CHIANG DAO WILDLIFE SANCTUARY OFFICE, which is located near the mountain, but can be a little hard to find.  Therefore, I would suggest stopping at Mon and Kurt's Restaurant first (which is right on highway 107, 2.5km after the Chiang Dao 7-11, if you are coming from Chiang Mai and heading towards Fang) in order to get directions. 

You can also phone them for directions at 04-173-9975. 

Next, you need to buy your entry permit (National Park fee) at the Chiang Dao Wildlife Sanctuary office.  After that, you can either hire a guide or a Carrier, which is a must, if you want to go up Doi Chiang Dao. 

Next you need to decide how to get to the starting point of hike...

You can either ride up with your own dirt bike (a regular street bike won't make it on the bad roads) or you can hire a truck to take you. 

You will probably want to spend at least one night on the mountain, so you will have to bring your own tent, food, water, a propane stove (no open fires), matches, a sleeping bag, good hiking boots, warm clothing, a rain jacket and whatever else you might want to bring.  You will also need to bring food and drinks for your guide or carrier.  (He will have his own tent and sleeping bag already)

You will probably want to also bring a camera and some bug spray. 

Doi Chiang Dao is only open from November 1 - March 31 for trekking every year.  Doi Chiang Dao is one of the most beautiful mountains in Thailand to explore, with beautiful scenery, all kinds of animals, insects, flowers, plants and trees.  The views are stunning and you will not regret hiking this mountain. 

Although  Doi Chiang Dao is only open from November until the end of March every year, you can also go bird watching at  "Denn Yaa Khad" Forest year around.  You will have to pay between 300 - 500 Baht for transportation to get there. 

The following is a list of costs:  (as of November 2006)

Hiking Doi Chiang Dao:

-National Park Fee    200 Baht/person (Foreigner) covers you for several days

                                    20 Baht/person  (Thai People Adult)

                                    10 Baht/person  (Thai People Children)

-Motorcycle fee           20 Baht (If you choose to go in by dirt bike)

-Transport fee           500 Baht (From office to drop off point)

-Guide                        500 Baht/day (or you can just hire a Carrier for 300 Baht)

-Carrier                      300 Baht/day (can also guide you and carry  your stuff)

Camping fee                30 Baht/night ( bring your own tent)

Garbage Deposit       200 Baht (returned to you if you take out all your garbage)

There are two campsites on the mountain.  The second one is near the peak.  You can make it there in one day, set up camp and visit the peak the next morning, if you so choose.  Then you could come back down and the whole trip will be only two days. 

Some visitors like to spend more time up on the mountain to explore its secrets and its beauty.

Here is the address of the  Chiang Dao Wildlife Sanctuary office and two contact numbers.  The two contacts only speak Thai and at the present time, there is no English speaking staff at the office:

Chiang Dao Wildlife Sanctuary Office

PO Box 12

Chiang Dao District

Chiang Mai 50170

Tel:  053-455-802

Miss Wallapa Guinoi (Administration)

Miss Meenaa Buahom (Administration)


Mon and Kurt