On a hot summers day, we escape down to the Chiang Dao Ping River for a little fun in the water.  Here you can rent covered rafts for 100 Baht per day, paddle boats and inner tubes.  Food and drinks are delivered via paddle boat shuttle.

(They are open only between March and the beginning of Rainy season)

Hmmmm, who drank all of our beer???

Oh Ohhh, that's one of ours, how did he get away so far

Drunk, who me?

Alright guys, where are my clothes?

Don't hide the glass, we all know you got the little guy drunk

is the water getting warm yet?

You look too dry, you are going in...

No, I don't take drugs, I was born this way

One beer for me and one for my plastic fish, please

I'm gonna' do something, I just don't know what it is yet

Off to our Yachting trip down the Ping River

Our fancy dock

Ahhh, what a life

Captain Dameon

Captain Kurt

What's a river cruise without beer?

Ahhh, drunk again, life is good

Hang on to your hat

Life is great!

Good night guys, over and out!

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